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We are the experts at producing sustainable, high-quality ethanol. Made to the highest standards of consistency and quality, our ethanol is produced using whey, the natural by-product of pure, grass-fed New Zealand dairy.

With decades of experience, a highly skilled team, and advanced processing facilities, we share high-quality, sustainable ethanol with New Zealand and the world all year round.

We are committed to producing excellent quality product and ensuring customer satisfaction. All our customers get access to a full range of support services, and we will work with you to provide personalised advice and solution to suit your business.

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Consistent quality

At Lactanol, we have a total focus on quality. Our staff are highly skilled with specialised knowledge of both the manufacturing process and our customers’ needs.

We apply the strictest quality standards to every aspect of our business.

Quality control is maintained by a full range of sampling and product monitoring 

Our process

We produce high-quality ethanol from whey, a natural by-product of pure grass-fed New Zealand milk.

Traditionally, ethanol is manufactured using molasses, cane sugar or grain as the raw material, or synthetically from petroleum. Our operation is one of the few in the world where casein whey is the feedstock for ethanol production.

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Specifications and applications

We produce a total of 15 million litres of ethanol per year, and deliver to customers in New Zealand and around the world.

We offer a comprehensive range of ethanol grades in terms of strength and purity, and can supply the appropriate product for any end use.

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